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About Us

About Us


Minnesota has been innovating in food and agriculture for over 150 years from farm to fork. The state is home to six Fortune 500 companies in food and agriculture, a major land grant university with leading industry researchers, many commodities and specialty crops, non-profits with new models for social impact, and innovative startups solving problems throughout the supply chain and in our food system.

With so many people working across the industry, Food | Ag | Ideas Week (FAI), led by Grow North and its partners, was created to bring the community together, elevate and connect Minnesota's ecosystem and create an invitation for the world to engage. 

We are doing something different. We believe the opportunities and challenges of our food system require all types of problem solvers. That's why we bring together diverse perspectives including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, growers, innovators, nonprofits, and investors from Minnesota and across the country. 

The Time Is Now. Join us as we discuss industry-leading ideas across sustainable agriculture, food innovation and tech, and food and society and come together to move the industry, and our food system, forward.


  • Drive connections by bringing individuals, groups, and sub sectors together that do not normally interact

  • Provide access to industry leading information and connectivity to leaders on the ground to the c-suite 

  • Invite people get involved in Minnesota’s ecosystem for food and agriculture entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Raise the profile of Minnesota's ecosystem

Each event is designed to give you a connection or follow up opportunity to stay engaged with the overall community or the group working on your interest.  

New Pathways to

Engage & Act

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Naturally MN is an initiative of the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota to accelerate and support Minnesota’s growing entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem in food and agriculture. Through education and connectivity programming and events, Natually MN works to create an interconnected, sophisticated, equitable, and invested ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate business growth, drive food systems change, and make Minnesota a known leader.

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