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OCT. 8th - 12th

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Food I Ag I Ideas week is a multi-day series of panels, speakers and networking events and experiences that, for the first time, will convene the different perspectives and communities that comprise Minnesota’s food and agriculture entrepreneurial ecosystem to spark connectivity, engagement and action.

Led by Grow North with our programmatic partners Techstars Farm to Fork, The Good Acre, AURI and the Maker to Market Accelerator, the Week will bring together Fortune 500 business leaders, entrepreneurs, growers, innovators, investors, and for and non-profit thought-leaders from across sectors. .


The inaugural Food I Ag I Ideas Week

is set to launch October 8th - 12th

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Topics include The Future of Retail, Building Mission Based Brands, A Conversation on the Future of Farming, Is the Future of Agriculture Indoors, Re-imagining School Food, Changing the Face of Food and Agriculture and many more.

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