How is this week different than other conferences or events?

While there are many events happening across the country and in Minnesota, what makes Food, Ag, Ideas Week unique is its diversity of topics and perspectives from across food and agriculture. We are bringing together corporate, non-profit, and civic leaders across industry leading topics within sustainable agriculture, food innovation, and tech and food and society. We see Food, Ag, Ideas Week, not just an event, but as a platform to catalyze connectivity and engagement with our community.

Why are you charging for tickets? Why are ticket prices so low?

We want to create an industry leading event that is accessible to all. A very significant portion of the cost for Food, Ag, Ideas Week is subsidized by our supporting partners to enable us to set an accessible price point for the value we are offering. From our experience, we have found that when an event is free, 50% of registrants do not attend, which leads to challenges in planning, waste, as well as not setting appropriate expectations for our speakers who have gone to great lengths to participate. By charging even a small amount, it has been shown that people will prioritize attending. We are offering scholarship tickets for those where price is a barrier including just starting out entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. To inquire about scholarships, please email A limited number of free student tickets (ID must be shown) are also available.

Why are you offering individual tickets for each event vs one ticket for the entire week?

Grow North wanted to make Food, Ag, Ideas Week as accessible as possible, and that includes reducing barriers to access. We understand that for many people taking multiple days off of work can be a challenge as well as committing to a lump sum price. In order to better accommodate our attendees, we offer individual, or a la carte tickets, at an approachable price point. In order to change our food system, we want to bring inspirational and educational content to the leaders doing the work.

Why is it in October during harvest season?

We recognize that October is harvest season and is not optimal for many farmers who wish to participate. As a convener for entrepreneurs and innovators in our community, we felt it was important to align the week alongside of Twin Cities Startup Week, an annual event that drew 12,000 people last year from across sectors. For those that want to engage with the content, but cannot physically attend, we are offering live streaming for as many events as possible.

Tell me more about Minnesota

Minnesota is a leader in food and agriculture from farm to fork and back again. It is the home of a strong ecosystem that includes industry and not for profits leaders, a diversity of agriculture crops, a renowned land grant university and agriculture school, as well as a growing entrepreneur community who work together to build businesses, solve food and agriculture challenge and bring ideas to scale. Here is a little bit more on 'what's here' 1. Fortune 500 companies including CHS, General Mills, Land O Lakes, Hormel Foods, C.H.Robinson, Ecolab, as well as Cargill, the largest privately owned company. 2. Additional corporate leaders include Schwan's, SunOpta, Post/Malt-O-Meal, Grainmillers, Syngenta and more. 3. Minnesota is home to the largest food retail co-op network in the country in addition to Target and Supervalue 4. Successful entrepreneurial businesses such a Angie’s BoomChickaPop, 2 Gingers Whiskey, Belvedere Vodka, Talenti Gelato, and more have been launched and scaled here and Minnesota also has several entrepreneur accelerators, incubators and support organizations including Techstars Farm to Fork, AURI, Grow North, Midwest Pantry, Sprouts, Greenseam, and the Feast! Smart Start Program. 5. Minnesota has a diverse agriculture community and is 5th in overall agriculture production, 4th largest agriculture exporter, in the top 10 for green peas, sweet corn, oats, soybeans, honey, milk production, number of USDA certified organic farms, vegetable production and more. 6. Innovative not for profit leaders including Second Harvest Heartland, the largest food bank in the country, the Minneapolis School system which is pioneering innovation in school food and nutrition, the McKnight and Bush Foundations, and many more.

How do I ask for accomodations that will allow me to attend?

When you are registering for tickets, please make sure to answer the question regarding specific accommodations as we strive to make our events inclusive. We will offer access to a mother's room, quiet space, handicap accessible parking and access at all locations. If transportation to any event is an issue, please contact as transportation scholarships are available.

How is Food I Ag I Ideas Week connected to Twin Cities Startup Week?

Food, Ag, Ideas Week coincides with Twin Cities Startup Week. The 2017 Food and Ag Track during Twin Cities Startup Week led by Grow North was an incredibly valuable incubator for the Week. Both initiatives work together to cross-promote events during the week, support each other's efforts, and accelerate Minnesota's entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem. To learn more about Twin Cities Startup Week, click here.

Can I submit an event idea or session topic?

Programming for 2019 is now closed. Please check out our event overview for session themes and topics. Speakers will be announced on a rolling basis and will be added to the website once tickets go on sale in mid-August. Additional event and speaker ideas can be shared with us at for the future.

Why aren't you offering the Grow North pass this year?

As Grow North and partner programming continues to expand, we found that the Grow North pass was confusing for attendees. Sign up for our newsletter and our social media channels to look out for special offers as we roll out tickets.

When do tickets go on sale?

Registration will open mid-August. We will post session times and speakers prior to registration opening so you can make your own schedule.

How do I apply for a scholarship ticket?

We are offering scholarship tickets for those where price is a barrier, including just starting out entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. To inquire about scholarships, please email A limited number of free student tickets (ID must be shown) are also available.

How is the content created for Food I Ag I Ideas Week?

Food I Ag I Ideas Week is an umbrella for a series of events and experiences developed in collaboration with our content and support partners. Grow North and all of the organizations putting on content during the Week work with a variety of partners to bring content to life. We strive to showcase a variety of speakers and perspectives from Minnesota and across the country at the sessions and events and to make each session thought-provoking, engaging and designed for connectivity. Topics and speakers are selected in collaboration with our partners, advisors and community leaders.

How does the sponsorship process work?

Food I Ag I Ideas Week is made possible through the generosity of our support partners as well as our community. A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to

Do you offer refunds for cancelled tickets?

Due to commitments we must make to our vendors, we are able to offer the following refunds: We will provide a 100% refund for all speaker sessions 3 business days before the event takes place. No refunds will be given after this date. We can provide a 100% refunds for all lunch registrations until October 5th. No refunds will be given after this date.




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